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Towards better outcomes for separating parents and their families.


Relationshift is a high-quality video platform featuring the wisdom of parents and children who’ve been through a family break-up.

And expert opinion from the professionals who help them.

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Innovative & Original

On Relationshift, you can make “Notes to Self” on what you’re going to do differently next week.

And receive feedback and reminders to keep you on track. This is an original, life-changing platform.

It doesn't need to be so hard

Change can be challenging but is so much easier when you’re not doing it alone.

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Relationshift: Member Giving

Relationshift delivers valuable wisdom to parents seeking a better way to separate. Following member feedback, we chose not to carry advertising on the site in favour of site members paying a modest one-off access fee. The site carries dozens of hours of high-quality professional experience and parent/child wisdom,  whereas the one-off access fee equates to merely a few minutes of a professional service consultation. We use revenues to administrate the community and continually evolve the site through high-quality  interviews resulting in Relationshift's rich content. 


The access fee paywall also helps keep out many internet users who are not as interested in the shared vision for a better way to separate. However, if you are member of our society who is genuinely unable to afford the modest access fee, please write to us here as there may have been a generous member who has offered to pay for you. We ask that this offer is not abused by those who can indeed afford the member fee. Meanwhile, for others who can afford a little more and would like to donate a membership to one or more others, please go to our donations page here